The “Smart” Power Distribution Control (PDC) Box

The PDC Box is responsible for delivering wireless power to the implants. Our wireless operation scheme provides robust coverage in multiple representative cages and boxes commonly used for behavioral studies. Closed-lid home cages with food and water containers are fully compatible, largely independent of materials and structures, suitable for studies of individuals or groups of mice.

In January 2021, an all-new upgraded PDC box will be launched and replacing the current system for an increased price. With improved hardware and firmware, the new PDC box will be more robust and will come with the added ability to use upcoming devices with two-way communication and allow the operation of custom software to operate these devices. If you are interested in purchasing this now, please let us know with the keyword “Smart Box”
For more information, please click here to go to the product page. Customers can start purchasing on January 1st, 2021. The “Smart box” will be replacing the “Passive Box” in the Starter Package as soon as January 2021. Please contact for inquiries.

Output: Maximum 24 V Size: 360 mm x 200 mm x 160 mm Weight: 3 kg