Breakthrough Technologies for Optogenetics

  • Lightweight
  • Battery Free
  • Implantable
  • Ultraminiaturized

NeuroLux News

posted: 2018-11-05

NeuroLux Illuminate Workshop Has Arrived in China

NeuroLux is extending its reach to China as the global provider of breakthrough technologies for optogenetics. Its first international workshop invites the neuroscience community across China to see the system first hand and to interact with researchers behind the technology. Following the event, NeuroLux will start offering the technology in the country to encourage adoption […]

posted: 2018-04-27

NeuroLux Hosts Its First Training Workshop

NeuroLux hosted its first training workshop on April 25-26, 2018 at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. The NeuroLux Illuminate Workshop 2018 provided attendees the opportunity to become trained on the technology and the surgical procedures, to listen to and interact with guest researchers who have active programs built around the Neurolux technology, […]

posted: 2018-03-30

NeuroLux Illuminate 2018: Free technology and surgery training for neuroscientists!

NeuroLux offers the only wireless optogenetics device platform that is fully-implantable, ultralightweight, and battery-free.  These systems dramatically improve and simplify the means for light delivery and control in optogenetics experiments, thereby catalyzing the further adoption of these methodologies by the neuroscience community. This workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to become trained on the technology […]

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