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NeuroLux News

posted: 2020-07-28

NeuroLux Remote Workshop

NeuroLux is extending its reach to China as the global provider of breakthrough technologies for optogenetics. Its first international remote workshop invites the neuroscience community across China to get familiar with the NeuroLux system, devices and to interact with engineers behind the technology.  Event Details: Platform: Zoom Date: August 11, 2020, or August 12, 2020 […]

posted: 2019-05-31

Tuning Made Easy: NeuroLux Launches the Autotuner

NeuroLux has launched the Autotuner, an upgrade to the manual Antenna Tuner Box which matches the impedance of the source and the antenna. This step is crucial to the overall performance of the NeuroLux system, with accurate tuning corresponding to maximized power transfer to the implantable devices in any antenna configuration, and lab environment. However, […]

posted: 2019-04-16

NeuroLux to Attend the 2019 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting and Exhibit

Come out to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the 2019 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting and Exhibit, where interdisciplinary researchers worldwide come to network and exchange knowledge.  There will be seven different symposium sessions, ranging from topics on colloidal nanoparticles to In Situ experimentation and techniques. Join our CEO, Tony Banks, in symposium session EP02 on […]

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