Product Information

NeuroLux Optogenetics and Neuroscience Discovery System


We provide the full hardware and software system along with every tool necessary to set it up.

Don’t worry about finding the right cables or screwdrivers; we have you covered!

The Complete NeuroLux Smart System

  • Power Distribution and Control (PDC) Box – Central component of the wireless system with TTL input to interface with other equipment
  • Autotuner – Matches the cage antenna impedance for optimal wireless power delivery to almost any enclosure
  • Implantable Devices – Miniaturized, battery-free, wireless devices that provide optogenetic manipulation of the brain or spine
  • NeuroLux Laptop – Contains the software to interface with your implantable devices and define stimulation parameters
  • Antenna – Creates a wireless field that provides power to the devices within your cage
  • Surgical Package – Tools that will help you implant your devices quickly and efficiently

NeuroLux Hardware



Modular System

The PDC Box is responsible for delivering wireless power to the implants, providing robust coverage in multiple representative behavioral cages and boxes. Closed-lid home cages with food and water containers are fully compatible, largely independent of materials and structures, suitable for studies of individual or groups of mice or rats. To learn more about the power transmission, please refer to our publications!

To maximize power transfer to implantable devices, the impedance of the source and the antenna must be matched. Our Autotuner allows you to quickly tune your antenna for any cage settings.

Our Modular System is an add-on to our NeuroLux Smart System, and allows independent cage control with full power delivery! You can set the power, frequency, duty cycle, and burst mode individually for each cage, allowing you to run multiple experiments in parallel with different parameters. Each module is TTL compatible, giving you the option of providing TTL input to any enclosures that you choose.

Size: 220 mm x 140 mm x 110 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 3 kg

Size: 115 mm x 90 mm x 85 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.5 kg

Size: 220.5 mm x 60 mm x 230 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 1.2 kg

NeuroLux Implantable Devices

µLED wavelengths of 470 nm (blue), 530 nm (green), 570 nm (yellow), and 630 nm (red) can be selected for each device. 

The Unilateral and Bilateral devices can be purchased with 2 mm, 4 mm, or 6 mm probe lengths depending on target brain region.




Size: 10.5 mm x 1.3 mm (diameter x height)

Weight: 30 mg

Size: 11.5 mm x 10.5 mm x 1.3 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 30 mg

Size: 10 mm x 5 mm x 1.3 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 20 mg

NeuroLux Surgical Package

Surgical Kit

Surgical Clip

Stereotaxic Adapter

The NeuroLux Mouse Surgical Kit includes surgical scissors, a scalpel handle, burrs for a micro-drill, mini bulldog serrefines, an Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder with scissors, standard pattern forceps, straight blunt forceps, and curved blunt forceps. Everything you need for a successful surgery!

Our surgical clip allows efficient and precise surgical implantation of NeuroLux devices anywhere in the brain. Recently updated, new features improve device stability within the clip to ensure optimal surgical accuracy.

The PH-300 adapter interfaces with any standard stereotaxic setup and seamlessly integrates with our surgical clip. The offset design provides an unobstructed view of the surgery in progress.