NeuroLux and TSE Systems Announce Partnership Integrating Wireless Optogenetics with In-Vivo Phenotyping Platforms

Posted On: Thursday, September 23, 2021

NeuroLux, Inc. is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with TSE Systems, the leader in advanced preclinical research equipment for metabolic and behavioral research, and now NeuroLux’s exclusive distributor in the European and Chinese markets. Additionally, NeuroLux will integrate their wireless technology with TSE Systems’ IntelliCage and PhenoMaster platforms, providing optogenetic, pharmacology, telemetry, and other capabilities for cutting edge behavioral neuroscience research.

TSE’s IntelliCage allows researchers to house and assess up to 16 mice or 8 rats within the same home cage, which uniquely minimizes human interventions, increases data reproducibility, and ensures a high level of animal welfare. Combining IntelliCage with NeuroLux’s wireless optogenetic platform will provide users with a closed-loop experimental tool that provides many advantages over traditional platforms. Utilizing Neurolux’s breakthrough wireless technology for optogenetics and programmable pharmacology, scientists are now able to control neural circuits in freely moving animals with minimal injury to sensitive tissues and without interference from tethering hardware. To date, IntelliCage data has been published in more than 200 peer-reviewed journals and that number will surely grow as the technologies are integrated.

“For TSE Systems, this collaboration brings together two of the most innovative companies working on next-generation in-vivo laboratory animal science research. NeuroLux’s highly innovative product pipeline is a natural fit with the high-end in-vivo phenotyping platforms from TSE Systems in the areas of Behavior, Metabolism, and Physiology,” said Harm Johan Knot, CEO of TSE Systems.

“NeuroLux and TSE Systems will combine efforts to provide breakthrough technologies to the broader research community, worldwide. NeuroLux continues to expand its proven ultra-lightweight, fully implantable, and battery-free wireless platform with new devices for neuromodulation, physiological monitoring, and closed-loop control. These devices are ideally suited for TSE’s behavioral research platforms, which promote social group interaction amongst animals and require tether-free solutions. Together, these technologies will provide options in experimental design that previously were not thought possible,” said Anthony Banks, CEO of NeuroLux.

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Allie Trueb

Sales & Marketing Director